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Mr. Van der Meer (52 years) started TeraKnowlegde in December 2001. TeraKnowledge is a small international (on- and offline) research organization operating from France and is specialized in educational- and healthcare research and customersatisfaction research. Before starting TeraKnowledge, Paul van der Meer operated as the global managing director of Pro Active International, an online market research company, one of the partners of the Newconomy organization. He previously worked for NCR as director of professional services Europe for the customer relationship management solutions (CRM) in EMEA and as member of the board of directors in The Netherlands.

Before joining NCR in 1995, he worked for Origin (a full subsidiary of Phillips) for a period of 11 years in the management information consultancy discipline, starting as a programmer through business consulting, sales and finally as Business Unit director.

From 1984 till 1986 Mr. Van der Meer was appointed as a scientific researcher, at the Centraal Instituut voor Toets Ontwikkeling in Arnhem (CITO). This is the national educational testing service of The Netherlands. During this period, he initiated several social science research projects of which the results were published.

Mr. Van der Meer studied social science research at the university of Amsterdam and graduated with honors as psychologist (cum laude, psychometrics and psychofysiology). During his study he was assistant professor, he taught statistics and the practice of social science research. Before picking up his psychology study, he was teaching physical education and played professional football in The Netherlands. He was selected for the national student soccerteam.


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